OLIVALS Lubircant System
In the oil and gas industry worldwide - the pipeline is the lifeline. Valves are the most integral part of the pipeline in both upstream and downstream activities. Although this fact is commonly recognized by the oil and gas community, the amount of effort put into the maintenance of valves has always been traditionally done in a manual and low-tech application.

Devastating Consequences of Problematic Valves

When problems occur to valves in a pipeline, the effects can be devastating. Problems such as unplanned downtime, costly repairs and maintenance expenditure, not to mention a complete shutdown of an entire operation is at stake. These problems can be as common as a jammed valve or a passing valve.

How was it normally fixed?

Traditional efforts to prevent such devastation is by manual valve greasing, to prevent the valve internals from becoming stuck or jammed due to corrosion, rust and hydrocarbon deposits.

Unfortunately, this can only be done during a shutdown period, which is limited within an operational year. Passing or leaking valves are usually treated on an ad-hoc basis.

Innovative Approach: Valve Lubrication

Valve lubrication and sealing applications today are being done in a brand new approach, which focuses on the four most important factors in successful preventive maintenance for valves:
  • A process that is applicable
  • Innovative specialty products
  • Applications using the proper equipments
  • Essential accessories

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OLIVALS Maintenance Programs

OLIVALS offers both reactive as well as Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) packages to its existing and potential customers worldwide. Types of valves services are ball valves, gate valves and plug valves.

Bringing services to the valves

OLIVALS provides preventive and corrective maintenance for valves on-line. The products and services can be applied while a platform or a plant is in operation, without having to wait for a shutdown. This means tackling the problem before it happens, at the root cause and within a preventive maintenance program.

OLIVALS has a mobile team and we set-up requirements that ensures speedy response time and superior mobility in catering to our clients worldwide.

  • Flushing or cleaning of the valve
  • Valve lubrication
  • Valve sealing

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